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Whether you are a long-term client of ours, or are adopting one of our textbooks for the first time, we are here to help. To get you started, here is a simple 7-point guide to setting up and running your online class with a BVT textbook.

Guide to Running an Online Class using BVT's LAB BOOK Platform
Step 1.   Adopt the LAB BOOK format of a BVT Textbook (see available titles). Step 2.   Put an Instant Access link in your LMS to get your students started on day-one. Step 3.   Take advantage of the built-in LAB BOOK homework assignments. Step 4.   Pick and choose from the classroom tools you want to use. Step 5.   Set up quizzes and exams if you want (with our help), or use what you already have in your LMS. Step 6.   Transfer your grades at the end of semester, or have us hook up a full LMS integration. Step 7.   Call us during office hours and speak to a live person whenever you want.

Mastering Personal Finances: A Biblical Approach


Mastering Personal Finances: A Biblical Approach

First Edition   Blue, Smith, © 2018, 365 pages

The authors of Mastering Personal Finances: A Biblical Approach believe that success is the act of continually becoming the person God wants you to be and achieving the goals God helps you to set. Integrating your faith and finances can help you establish a deeper sense of purpose, gain motivation to change your behavior, and develop methods to implement this change.

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