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Whether you are a long-term client of ours, or are adopting one of our textbooks for the first time, we are here to help. To get you started, here is a simple 7-point guide to setting up and running your online class with a BVT textbook.

Guide to Running an Online Class using BVT's LAB BOOK Platform
Step 1.   Adopt the LAB BOOK format of a BVT Textbook (see available titles). Step 2.   Put an Instant Access link in your LMS to get your students started on day-one. Step 3.   Take advantage of the built-in LAB BOOK homework assignments. Step 4.   Pick and choose from the classroom tools you want to use. Step 5.   Set up quizzes and exams if you want (with our help), or use what you already have in your LMS. Step 6.   Transfer your grades at the end of semester, or have us hook up a full LMS integration. Step 7.   Call us during office hours and speak to a live person whenever you want.

Teaching online has never been easier!

  • Content
  • Technology
  • Live Support
  • Great Value
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LAB BOOKPlus Advanced eBook with Full Lab $25 Student Price For All National Titles

BVT's LAB BOOK -- an intuitive online learning platform. Show me how  

Here are just a few LAB BOOK features. For Instructors
  • Online classroom
  • Student engagement tools
  • Auto-graded homework
For Students
  • Great price
  • Use your favorite device
  • Ultimate convenience
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  • Free for 2 weeks
  • Full access on the 1st day of class
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Why choose BVT Publishing?

Affordable - All national titles $25

Your students pay just $25 for LAB BOOKPlus (an interactive eBook with full lab access and student resources). Tell me more.

Inclusive - Inclusive Access and Instant Access available through your LMS

Format options include: BVT's LAB BOOKPlus, VitalSource™, Follett Access™, B&N First Day™, RedShelf™, Verba™. Tell me more.

Engaging - Interactive eBooks with Active Learning

Our active learning options include LAB BOOKPlus and Top Hat™. Teaching online has never been easier. Tell me more.

Versatile - Full customization available

You can add, rearrange and edit down to the sentence level, and then choose from our wide range of print and electronic formats. Tell me more.

Supportive – The personal touch

At BVT, we offer a level of support to you and your students that you just don't get from the large publishers. Call us, and experience the difference: 1-800-646-7782 (7:00 to 5:00 Pacific).