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Whether you are a long-term client of ours, or are adopting one of our textbooks for the first time, we are here to help. To get you started, here is a simple 7-point guide to setting up and running your online class with a BVT textbook.

Guide to Running an Online Class using BVT's LAB BOOK Platform
Step 1.   Adopt the LAB BOOK format of a BVT Textbook (see available titles). Step 2.   Put an Instant Access link in your LMS to get your students started on day-one. Step 3.   Take advantage of the built-in LAB BOOK homework assignments. Step 4.   Pick and choose from the classroom tools you want to use. Step 5.   Set up quizzes and exams if you want (with our help), or use what you already have in your LMS. Step 6.   Transfer your grades at the end of semester, or have us hook up a full LMS integration. Step 7.   Call us during office hours and speak to a live person whenever you want.


What is a Top Hat Edition?

Many of our titles are now available as a Top Hat Edition. These editions leverage students’ devices (laptops, notebooks, cell phones and smartphones) to create an active learning environment with interactive textbooks and high-energy classroom engagement tools. They also provide formative and summative assessment tools, attendance tracking, and full LMS integration. Plus, all content in each Top Hat edition is easily customizable to meet your precise instructional needs.

Our best Top Hat titles come packaged as a “full course solution”. This means we have created a suite of fully customizable resources to jumpstart your semester. These include: homework assignments; a mid-term and final exam; a built-in Instructors Manual; and extensive test banks containing additional true-false, multiple choice, short-answer and essay questions.

Take a peek at some of the features that the Top Hat platform offers.

BVT / Top Hat Product Options
Top Hat Textbook:  Textbook is a fully interactive eBook designed for large and small screens alike. It contains interactive content like videos and multimedia, and has comprehension questions and interactive discussion topics sprinkled throughout. You can add (or remove) any content you want with its easy-to-use authoring tools, letting you teach your class exactly the way you want. Our best Top Hat titles come packaged as a “full course solution”. This means we have created a suite of fully customizable resources to jumpstart your semester. Plus, you can continue the classroom discussion with engaging homework, quizzes and activities, all while tracking students’ progress in the Top Hat gradebook.
Most of our textbooks are $40 to the student on the Top Hat Platform.
Top Hat Classroom:  Classroom lets you “flip” your classroom, take attendance, energize discussions, administer proctored assessments, and build engagement by directly interacting with students’ devices. Flip seamlessly between your lecture slides, your Top Hat Textbook, and your homework/quizzes—both on the projector screen and on every student’s device. Plus, you can securely administer proctored quizzes, tests and exams in your own lecture hall in a “bring-your-own-device” (BYOD) environment*. And Top Hat will grade it all for you in seconds.

*Loaner devices can be made available if you need them.

Top Hat Classroom is $30 to the student per semester; discounted pricing available for longer periods.
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BVT’s Top Hat editions leverage the power of the Top Hat Platform. Top Hat is an educational technology company engaging over a million students each year on over 750 campuses throughout North America.

BVT Top Hat Textbook Titles